It is possible to get.How Can a Career Coach help me?

No matter where you are in your career or job search, a Career Coach can help.  A Career Coach will help you to equip skills and techniques it takes to land a job in the 21st century.  

If you are new to the job world, a Career Coach can help you in quite a few ways.  A Career Coach can help you by teaching you new tools and techniques to get a job faster.  Some career coaches will directly work with you on your resume.  They will also help you to understand who you are and help you find your life and work goals.  This will help you find the right career path.  Even if you already know where you are heading, a career coach can help you get there faster and more directly.  A Career Coach will be your partner along the way cheering you on, and helping when you have questions and need assistance.

If you are mid or late-career a job coach can help you with job search strategies, as well as new methods of marketing yourself.  Changing your career can be a scary and gut-wrenching time in your life.  A Career Coach can help by helping you stay moving in the right direction.  


What is a Career Coach?

A Career Coach is essentially the same thing as a Job Coach.  They work with clients one-on-one to help them understand themselves and their situation.  A Career Coach will help you with the process and job search strategy.  Your coach will help you to learn new skills and techniques that are viable and necessary to succeed in your job search in the 21st century.  A Career Coach will also help to change your beliefs about the interview process in general.  


Who should work with a Career Coach?

Almost anyone can benefit from working with a Career Coach.  A Career Coach can help you by helping to smooth out your journey.  Job searching can be a very arduous and painful task.  Having a partner available to coach you along your job search journey will help keep you on target, and likely will help you get that new job faster.  

How Much Do Career Coaches Charge?

This is a common question most people ask once they understand how a Career Coach can help them succeed in getting that new job faster.  Career Coaches are as varied in their fees as they are in their approach.  A Career Coach can cost anywhere from being free to hundreds of dollars a month.  There are many career coaching programs that will work with you if you meet certain eligibility requirements at no cost.  Most career coach clients will be in the range of $100-$200 depending on the coach, and the area of the country you are where you live.  There are some high end firms that charge $500+ for targeted resumes, and will work directly with the client to find the right job.  When hiring a Career Coach always keep in mind what value they provide for you, and pay them accordingly.  Focusing on how much do career coaches charge will have you running in circles.

How to Find a Career Coach

There are many ways to find a Career Coach online.  However, there are many other Career Coach referral programs that can help you find a Career Coach that is right for you.  

Work with a Career Coach

Our career coaches have all been in your shoes.  Looking for a job and worried.  We coach because we want to help others get out of the boredom and monotony that of a boring job.  Let our Career Coaches help you find new job searching methods.