“I need help with credit card debt”

“I need help with credit card debt” is what I was screaming when I was in debt.  I couldn’t figure out how to do get out of debt the right way.  Are you currently thinking “I need credit card debt help”?  If you are, you have come to the right website.  I’m going to teach you how to get out of debt using a very simple method that, if followed, works every time.  

Is your debt limiting your life?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night worrying about paying your bills?  Are you saying no to things your family wants to do, because you are in debt?  Being in debt makes you a slave to your lender.  You will feel like you must work for them, just to pay them off.  When you need help, forget it, pay or they will take you to court.  This is not a recipe for a fun, happy, fulfilling life.

Stop using credit now. Really…

Getting rid of credit card debt, is actually not as hard as you think.  The hard part of getting out of debt is to stop using credit altogether.  That’s the first step, a critical step in the process.  I’ve seen many times where someone says they want to be debt-free, but go on living in the same manner as before, racking up debt.  You see, if you want to actually get out of debt, you have to stop spending and start paying the debt down.  It has to be your decision, and it may not come until you hit rock bottom.  Hopefully that is not the case, here are some tips on how to get out of debt and live your dream life. 

Getting to debt-free

There are a lot of reasons to be debt-free.  Pick the ones that matter to you, and start the plan.  Now that you have, hopefully, decided to not use credit card debt any longer.  You need a plan to get out of debt.  There is no plan that I know that is better than the Debt Snowball Method that I recommend.  There is a lot more info in the link, but I am going to sum it up for you here. 

Debt Snowball Method

 The reason the debt snowball method is named after a snowball is that once you get going you really do feel it snowball until everything is finally paid off.  In this method, you list out all of your debts from the lowest balance to the highest balance.  Then, you get the minimum payments for each.  You will always be paying the minimum payments during this plan.  However, once one of your cards is paid off, you roll the minimum payment from that card to the next lowest balance on the list.  You keep doing this until it is paid off.  It’s not as difficult, it is really just the ability to stick to the plan. 

Take it day by day

 It can be challenging to get out of debt.  There may even be times where you feel like quitting.  Don’t.  Stay the course, and you will one day, soon, be debt-free.  Things don’t always go as planned, and getting rid of debt has its own issues.  The best you can do is try to improve yourself every day.  The Japanese call it Kaizen, improve a little bit each day.   

You will be happier when you are done with debt

 It may seem now that you won’t ever get out of debt.  But, if you stop using credit card debt and follow the debt snowball method, you will be free.  Not just debt-free, truly free.  You will owe no one anything, and you will be fully in control of your life.


Hopefully, you aren’t still shouting “I need help with credit card debt” or “I need credit card debt help”.  I hope that our site gives you a good idea on how to get out of debt.  If you need help with your plan, please consider working with us.


Work with a Debt Coach

Our debt coaches have all been in your shoes.  In debt, and worried.  We coach because we want to help others get out of the oppression of debt in your lives as we did.  Let our Debt Coaches help you find new ways to get out of debt, live life, and build wealth.





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