Get ready for 2019‘s best debt free advice from the top financial professionals of the day. There is no reason to try and reinvent the wheel. What has worked in the past for others will definitely work for you. Given that you follow the advice to the best of your ability, you will inevitably see relief from the following pieces of debt free advice.

Are You Ready To Make A Change For The Better?

We can give you all of the debt-free advice in the world. If you personally are not ready to take action, it will be meaningless. You have to be really dedicated to improving your livelihood and living a debt-free life. Having a zero balance on all of your credit cards, student loans, payday loans and other forms of debt will be a liberating experience. Get ready to take notes, because a change is gonna come.

Use That Tax Refund To Pay Down Your Debts

Instead of using that hefty tax refund as a down payment on your dream car, use it to settle one of your debts. It’s a good thing that debtors prison is no longer exists. Although that may be true, the new debtor’s prison exists as a F.I.C.O. score.  Don’t worry so much about a weak credit score you won’t be needing it where we are headed.  Therefore, in order to maximize your potential and live a life of privilege, you should help yourself to quickly get out of debt. A great way to speed things up is to take your tax refund and put it all towards your debt with the highest interest rate

Get On A Budget Today

Preparing a budget can actually be tons of fun. You’ll be surprised how much money you can squeeze out of your income by budgeting properly. Even a few extra hundred dollars can help move your debt snowball along at a faster rate. Let’s say you were able to properly budget and squeezed out an extra $200 cash of discretionary income. The best piece of debt-free advice we could give you is don’t use that money for entertainment purposes. Apply it to your debt snowball method to help yourself quickly become debt-free.

Ask For A Raise Or Consider Ways To Make More Money

If you have been employed for a relatively long period of time, you may be able to ask your boss for a raise. This may not be enough for everyone, however, it is something to consider. If asking for a raise is not an option, consider ways to bring in additional income. Many find that a few hours of brainstorming can actually yield incredible ideas for increasing your income. Running a business in 2019 is easier than it ever has been. With all the resources at your fingertips, making a website, gaining promotion and establishing traction for your new venture is entirely possible. Are you a talented artisan? Do you have a knack for discovering new and interesting products? There are many ways you can use your talents for extra income. Spend some time thinking about it and you are sure to find success.